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Avid Handyman of the Month- December 2017

 It’s the first of the month and that means it is time for Handyman of the Month.  Once again, we look to our motto “Big Or Small, We Do It All” and shine our spotlight on Kyle.  In the 6 months since joining the team he has proven he is an integral cog in the AVID machine.  Kyle started young, when he was 6 he was taking apart toasters to see how they worked.  When other 10-year-olds were mowing lawns, Kyle was rebuilding lawnmowers.  At AVID Kyle takes on any job given to him with a smile on his face and a can-do attitude that keeps the clients asking for him by name.

We asked Kyle what are his 3 favorite things about working at AVID and his answers show why everyone around the shop agrees with this month pick.

“It is a different challenge every day.  At some jobs, you know exactly what your day will entail, but at AVID each day brings a new opportunity to showcase my wide range of skills.  I may start a morning doing a simple toilet repair and end the day by doing a smart home installation.  The variety from day to  day is something very hard to find at other workplaces.”


“I get paid to do something I love.  This job allows me to follow a passion I have had since I was a child.  I am happiest when I am tinkering and having a job which allows me to do that is very rewarding.”

“I enjoy meeting and helping people.  Whatever the job is, large or small, the satisfaction of completing that job well and seeing a smile on the client’s face is very gratifying.  Every job I do is as important to me as it is to the client.  I strive to be happy with my work and make my customers happy as well.”

If you asked the guys around the shop one of our favorite things about Kyle, apart from his work ethic and his vast construction knowledge you may also hear about his incredible ability to instantaneously make hilarious new lyrics to almost any song on the radio.  While not something he gets service calls for, if you listen closely while he installs your new NEST thermostat you may hear one of his famous “remixes”.

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