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AVID Handyman of the Month- February

It’s a new month and you know what that means.  At AVID we choose our Handyman of the Month.  For a month filled with love, we have chosen a man with a huge heart, Kenny.  The Gentle Giant, his big stature is only eclipsed by his big smile.  Kenny’s good nature and warmth light up a room as soon as he walks in.

When we asked the guys around the shop to describe Kenny there was one thing which everyone agreed on…”he’s huge!”.  So, we asked everyone again, told them they couldn’t say “He’s huge” and here are a few of the things we heard….”kind, generous, funny, hard working”.

Kenny is also a man of many skills….from your basement to your roof Kenny can build it or fix it.  He is just as happy framing a room as he is sealing a roof.  And, truth be told, if you need something demoed, Kenny is likely a better option than an actual wrecking ball.  One thing is for sure, Kenny will always leave you with a smile on your face.



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