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HVAC Questions with Kyle

Let’s Talk to KYLE: With the cooler temperatures upon us we sat down with Kyle, our AVID HVAC expert and all around nice guy.  We asked him a few questions about the ins and outs of HVAC maintenance.

  • So, Kyle why is HVAC maintenance so important?

It prolongs the life of your system and prevents costly repairs in the future.

  • What should a client expect when AVID visits for a HVAC maintenance call?

We will give your boiler or furnace a thorough cleaning.  We will also make sure your flue pipe is cleaned and replace your filters as needed.  Once we are done we will run a test to make sure everything is working as it should.

  • What are some early warning signs your HVAC system isn’t performing like it should?

The first thing a homeowner usually notices is a spike in electric or gas bills.  Other signs can include temperature variances in the home or unusual smells or sounds coming from the system.  Once any of signs are noticed you shouldn’t delay to have your system serviced

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