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Choosing the right paint finish for your house!

Choosing a paint color can be a daunting task.  But even after you have sorted through endless shades of grey to decide on “Seattle Sky” you still have another decision… what finish?  Though there are less choices, choosing the correct one can be tricky.  High gloss?  Eggshell?  Matte?  Here is a guide to the differences and some tips as to where they work best.  

Whichever finish you choose, make sure you choose Avid to do the painting.


Very durable finish.  Withstands vigorous cleaning.  Shows every imperfection.  

Best uses:  Trim, cabinets, some doors


Quite durable.  Good for places moisture or grease is present

Best uses: Great for trim, doors, chair rails, wainscoting, bathrooms


Durable and cleanable.  Velvety finish.  Can show roller marks and brush strokes, prep very important.  Touch ups can be difficult.

Best uses:  High traffic areas (family rooms, hallways)


Medium durability.  Think “luster” not “shine”…like an eggshell.  Covers imperfections well.

Best uses:  Dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms


Medium to low durability.  Covers imperfections because does not reflect light.  Covers better than other finishes.  

Best uses:  Adult bedrooms and other rooms which don’t receive a lot of wear and tear




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